Our story


We are five friends and sustainability specialists who met at Imperial College London while studying for an MSc in Environmental Technology. We are absolutely committed to good food - both taste in taste and origin.

It all began in the Imperial library on a grey Wednesday afternoon.

Ellen, a fiery Welsh-born sasspot, approached May, with her interest in creating an environmental food business proposal with which to enter the WE Innovate entrepreneurship programme.

After some intense brainstorming an idea was formed, and three wonderful team members added to the group. Marine a vibrant ecology graduate, Lulu the German powerhouse and Andrea a Geographical wizard. Together they created Just Food, the ultimate guide to ethical eating.



Ellen Brookes


Happiest when exploring London and enjoying good food & drinks with friends. I founded Just Food with this amazing group of women to make it easier for you to do the same, while having a positive impact on our environment. Experience in sales, marketing and eating made me highly qualified for the job! 

May Laghzaoui

My interest in food is from a purely environmental and taste viewpoint. I have never been one to turn my nose up at a meal if it was guaranteed to taste good and also do good. That is where JustFood came from, to help empower consumers to make more ethical food decisions while also showcasing London's most delicious food. I also love espresso martinis, avocado-based meals and marmite toast.


Marine Lefebvre

I'm passionate about food, the environment and social movements, and that is what Just Food is all about!
Originally from France, but having moved to many other countries along the way, I consider myself a proud  citizen of the world. I have an insatiable curiosity for discovering new flavours, cultures and perspectives.  I studied conservation biology and focused on biodiversity and food systems security. 


Louisiana Salge

Hi, I’m Lulu! I’m German but have spent my life studying and working across Europe and the Middle East. I’ve got a Bachelor in Geography from UCL in London, and have always been enthusiastic in making sense of the Earth System. My background in understanding and carrying out Climate Change Science helps us to be particularly picky in choosing which data we trust for JustFood! Having worked for Cleantech Group, in which I tracked and analysed emerging cleantech trends and start-up investments, supports our ambition to scale up our business and brings in a critical perspective of the current sustainability start-up sphere. Can’t wait to help consumers like us to make more informed and environmentally conscious food decisions!


Andrea Siaw

Hi! I’m Andrea, my background is in social sciences, international development and environmental policy. I am extremely passionate about shifting human consumption patterns to foster a more sustainable food system to build resilience against global food insecurities and the effects of climate change. I strongly believe that this can be achieved without compromising on taste, nourishment and the enjoyment that food brings us!