The Shed

The Shed -and its sister venues Rabbit and Nutbourne- are very special indeed, and take the farm to table concept to another level. Owned and managed by the Gladwin brothers, this trio composed of a chef, farmer and restaurateur take pride in bringing the freshest produce to their customers.  
The Shed hold nose-to-tail eating and seasonality at its heart. 
The restaurant also has a zero-waste policy.  Unlike other restaurant owners, the Gladwin brothers turn any recipe that went wrong into something else. To take the perfect food cycle and family business concept up a notch, the Gladwin Brothers sell their parents’ wine is sold in all their venues. Mom also makes cheese from raw milk from their local dairy farm, now used at their restaurants. Their zero waste policy is so engrained in their ethos that Chef Oliver has even managed to turn the whey, a by-product of cheese-making, into soup.

We have a massive food crush on the Gladwin bros as they fit perfectly in with two of our edible ethics.
1) Local & Seasonal and 2) More Plants. 
The featured photos is one of their game seasonal dishes with pheasant egg, on a bed of runner beans, cavolo negro, yellow pepper butter.Yum! 
The Shed have been working hard with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to achieve a 3 star sustainable restaurant recommendation.

Budget: 🌾🌾 - 🌾🌾🌾

M      | 6pm – 11pm
T - S
| 12 pm - 3pm  and 6pm - 11pm  
Closed Sundays

122 Palace Gardens Terrace,
Kensington, W8 4RT

Tel: 020 7229 4024


Instagram: @theshed_resto


Let our edible ethics help you find tasty, sustainable food every day.